by ManuMay 11, 2017

It seems like the beauty world is lately going nuts for the highlighted looks. Healthy glow, luminous skin, are the words of the day, everyday. Seeing so many human – disco balls walking around in the city, and in all fairness, on Instagram and YouTube alike, this trend seems to be getting traction. But, including it into an effortless makeup routine, without overdoing the bling, is no easy job.

Perricone MD (no)makeup line is getting universal affection for exactly that: the no-makeup look. The No Highlighter Highlighter is the first I’m trying from the range and… I’m impressed. This is the one highlighter to rule them all. I love how easy it is to blend it in with just a few taps. Being so fluid, it can be easily layered into the right amount of dewiness. However, the highlight is very subtle and it is more suited for day looks. It comes in only one shade, and it’s the perfect one, not too orange, not too pink, not too white.

The promise that “Perricone MD does not and will never test on animals” is a big thing, and I wish more brands will take this attitude. The product doesn’t contain fragrance, and it’s formulated without other questionable ingredients (parabens, sulfates, phthalates). The brand also promotes it as a fusion between makeup and  skincare, having vitamin C in its composition. Well, I guess that doesn’t hurt but I’m skeptical that those few drops in the morning will make any difference on my skin. Until I see any results, I’m not thinking of it as anything else but a makeup product. And that’s alright. It still makes it onto my curated shelf, and I think this one will be a resident for a while.

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