by ManuMay 3, 2017

When it comes to body care, coconut oil has been the cult beauty ingredient for a while now. Being used in so many ways, I’m tricked to think of it as some kind of birthright. But coconut trees don’t grow into everyone’s backyard, and our greed is starting to leave marks on the environment (here’s a good article about this). Yes, yes, I too think that coconut oil is amazing, but there are other trees out there from which we can benefit, ones that are even closer to us. Share the love!

L’Occitane created a range that celebrates the benefits of almonds, and one that holds my favorite products from them.

Almond Shower Oil. This product has never left my bathroom from the moment I bought it. I lost count of how many times I repurchased it. With water, it transforms into a milky foam, and it smells amazing. It’s that kind of shower product that makes the body lotion redundant. It acts just like a face cleansing oil, but for your body. It also has an eco-refill version and… did I mentioned that it smells amazing?
Almond Milk Concentrate. I’m not loving this one. Like the shower oil, it’s one of their bestsellers, but for me, it doesn’t do much. I love moisturizers that easily sink into the skin, and being categorized as a “milk”, I had high hopes for this one. However, this product seems to be suited for more dehydrated skin types. I’m using it for my drier skin areas, like elbows and knees, and it still leaves an oily film afterwards. With the weather getting warmer now, I’m reaching less and less for it.
Almond Beautiful Shape. I have mixed feelings about this one. I don’t know if it necessarily does something or it is more like a tube of placebo. Again, I like the smell, and my skin does feel a little smoother immediately after using it. As for the long term effects, well… I think there is no such thing as a magical cream that will take away all the cellulite problems. And on that line of thinking, this is a very good smoothing and toning body lotion, and one that makes it to my curated shelf.
Almond Lighter Legs. This one was a more “exotic” purchase for me, mainly because I’m having troubles defining it. It isn’t a foot cream nor a body lotion. It should be used to relieve the sensation of tired legs, and it doesn’t have the properties of a moisturizer. I like its gel texture and the fact that it is instantly absorbed by the skin. There is peppermint oil in its composition so you get a cool feeling while using it. Other than that, I haven’t noticed any significant benefits by using this product so I don’t think I will buy it again.
Almond Delicious Hands. I’m having a crush on all the hand creams from L’Occitane. I’m curious if they are using the same formula on all of them and just changing the perfumes, since they are all amazing for my always dry hands. This one too has all the benefits of every hand cream they produce, plus the addictive scent of the range.

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