by ManuApril 17, 2017

It’s so easy these days to crack under the pressure of the perfect image. And how ironic is this desire of fitting our looks into THE society’s standards, while we are all embracing feminism as a norm. After all, is it the society who is pressuring us to aspire to perfection, or is it us?
We are encouraged to defend the idea that we should love ourselves the way we are. Meanwhile, the same promoters target us as consumers for products we’re using when we rush in the morning to build our inertial makeup armour. When it comes to our image, where is our line drawn?

I envisioned this space as a home for resources to fight the urge of changing too much, of trying too hard and for those of us who want to remain loyal to our true nature. I believe in the clean, fun, not so serious beauty routines, and the “woke up like this and didn’t try at all” makeup philosophy and I am committed to promote it. The environment, the cruelty free approach, the eco trends, are all part of it. And although they will not make the main focus of this website, they all gravitate around what I consider the leading inspirational view of it: the respect and the love for the skin we’re in.

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