by ManuApril 20, 2017

It seems like we can never get it right with cleansers. Whenever we think we finally figure it out how to best clean our faces, the beauty industry proves us wrong. And there we are again, trying to not over-exfoliate, to not strip our faces from the famous “essential oils”, but at the same time keep our precious skin cleaner than our church shoes. Cleansing milk, gel, foam, water, powder, balm, oil and even mud, it’s crazy how much we can exaggerate when it comes to this basic step in our beauty routine. And now, since the double cleansing mania has joined the party, it’s even harder to keep up since one product is rarely enough to do this job. I wonder sometimes why are we growing this product category to be so high maintenance, when we don’t put these products on our faces for more than 2 minutes?

I’m usually not a morning person. It is a challenge for me to be consistent with my morning beauty routine, that is why I keep it simple. I use the Keracnyl foaming gel from Ducray, which was prescribed by my dermatologist as a good solution to clean my combination skin. It can also double as a shower gel if you fancy a pimple free body skin, and I’m all for multipurpose products. Once a week, usually on a weekend morning, I use my Clarisonic with the Skin Illuminating Cleanser. It makes my face instantly glow and I can actually see a difference all day.

For my evening routine, I was a big fan of the micellar water. I lost count of how many bottles of Bioderma I have used, but I recently find myself reaching less for it. Sure it is convenient to swipe all of your makeup off in less than a minute. But investing more time in the evening cleansing step, did actually paid off for me. So I now think of it as more of a pampering moment. I try to listen to my skin needs so I rotate the products I use a lot. I haven’t ignored the double cleansing trend, and it actually became BFF with my difficult skin. At the moment I use the Rosa Centifolia™ No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm from REN (ugh, such a long name) , but there are so many options out there if you’re curious to try it. As for the second step, I like to alternate between the same Ducray Keracnyl Foaming Gel, and the Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash (seriously, there should be a character limit for naming a product) when in need for a deeper cleanse.

I would instantly replace all the products above for one that can keep my skin clean and healthy. But every time I commit to only one miracle solution, I find that it is never enough. So there you have it. My uber-complicated relationship with cleansers. Is there any other kind?

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