by ManuApril 25, 2017

All this cold weather put me in the mood for baking. And before you start imagine trays of cookies and cakes coming out from my oven, I’ll have to inform you that today I’ll be talking about a different kind of baking. Laura Geller has several makeup products that are proudly advertised as “baked”. The process sound very romantic, everything starting as a cream, then formed by hand and baked on terracotta tiles in Italy. Oh, this story could make it to the big screen!

Laura Geller Balance n Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation is the first I’m trying from her line. The brand is mostly known for the Spackle primers range, and now there’s a lot of buzz around these baked powders too.

I love products that give you a natural, effortless look. This one however, gave me too much of it. Nevertheless, I want to give it a fair trial, so let me start by acknowledging that this foundation has some key features that are very appealing. None of the Laura Geller’s products are tested on animals, and with Earth Day just passed, I’ve got a fresh reminder to deeply appreciate all the brands that are committed to respect our fellow inhabitants of the planet. It is also paraben and mineral oil free, and comes in a range of 9 shades, all with a beautiful marble aspect. I really enjoyed the silky texture and the matte finish that this formula gives without drying the skin. The brand’s website also advertise it as “perfect for workout as it won’t clog in your pores” …and I guess that’s great, but why wear makeup on your workouts anyway?

This foundation however, is far from making it into my curated makeup shelf. First of all, I couldn’t work well with the color (mine is the Fair shade). No matter how much I blend it in, the color seems always off. Not even my loyal kabuki brush could pull off a decent uniform look. Am I applying it wrong? I wouldn’t know since this pricey little product doesn’t come with any applicator. Not even a little sponge. Nothing. Also, with a foundation that has little to no coverage, it was disappointing to see that the beautiful swirls of champagne gold powder from the container, would look completely matte on my face.

With the lack of SPF and with hardly any skincare benefits, I’m not feeling the need of this baked foundation when I can look just the same on a makeup-free day.

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